Information Group

Name   Organisation
Asha Kasliwal Co-Chair Faculty
David Phillips Co-Chair BASHH
Paul O' Brien   Faculty
Alyson Elliman   Faculty
Lynne Gilbert   Faculty
Nathan Acladious   Faculty
David Phillips   BASHH
Andy Winter   BASHH
Anatole Menon-Johansson   BASHH
Huw Price   BASHH
Andrea Duncan   DH
Hamish Mohammed   PHE
Lynsey Emmett   PHE/DH
Jennifer Thorpe   PHE
Natasha Ratna   PHE
Emma Hollis   PHE
Gwenda Hughes   PHE
Stephen Duffell   PHE
Alison Brown   PHE (HARS)
Cuong Chau   PHE (HARS)
Valerie Delpech   PHE
Catherine Lowndes   PHE
Iain Galloway Observer IDCapture
Alison Wooderson Observer CSE
Ian Shell-MacLeod Observer Blithe
Ed Hulse Observer Mill System
Rebecca Dawes Observer AXSYS
Linda Lewis Observer Caradata
Thiyagarajan Jayaraman Observer IMS
Judith Ellison   HSCIC
Lily Bond   HSCIC
Catherine Faley   HSCIC
Sarah Freeman   HSCIC
Jan Clarke Minutes for
Chris Wilkinson Minutes for


Membership and Terms of Reference


Since the group became the joint BASHH/FSRH Integrated Information Group in 2013, it has met on 3 occasions and plans to meet approximately three- four times a year.

Matters discussed

The group has looked at a wide range of issues affecting Sexual Health Services in England, Scotland and Wales. These include matters arising from proposed coding changes for SRHAD and SHHAPT, GUMCAD-3, the BASHH Sexual History Taking Guidelines, issues of data linkage and the chapter on confidentiality in the revised Standards for the Management of STIs. The group welcomes enquiries and items for consideration from members of either BASHH or FSRH.


Danielle Mercey -
Asha Kasliwal -


BASHH British Association of Sexual Health and HIV
DH Department of Health
FSRH Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
HPA Health Protection Agency
HSCIC Health and Social Care Information Centre
PHE Public Health England
SRHAD Sexual Health Activity Dataset
SHHAPT Sexual health and HIV Activity Property type